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Flat knitting yarns

The wide range of classic flat knitting yarns from Nm 7/1 to Nm 50/2 are ideally suited for the fashion sector with high quality requirements. A large number of stock programs, blends and certifications offer a high degree of supply security and market proximity.


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Areas of application


At the heart of our flat knit collection are merino qualities with wide stock ranges and a variety of colors and applications. Sustainable blends with hemp, Tencel, bamboo or e.g. degradable polyamide complete our portfolio.

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Yarns for felting

Above all, the Sport/Loden product families, with an extensive stock program as well as Sydney Nm 36/2, Canberra 48/2 and Soft Felt Nm 60/2 leave nothing to be desired.




Fashion meets function. Schoeller yarns can also be found at the interface between design and sport.



Corporate Fashion

Police, military and workwear manufacturers have their own material requirements. In this world of technical standards and special material requirements, Schoeller yarn is a frequently encountered problem solver.



Traveltex yarns

The Travel Tex yarns are optimized for seat covers in cars, buses, trains, ships and home textiles. The outstanding seating comfort impresses with its pleasant feel, thermoregulation and good moisture management. These yarns meet the highest requirements in terms of abrasion resistance, flame retardancy, light fastness and flame retardancy.






Areas of application


Yarns developed for seat cover fabrics in aviation have their own extreme laws.

They are particularly characterized by
- best thermoregulation
- excellent moisture management
- light fastness
- abrasion resistance
- flame retardancy FAR 25853.a  





Bus & Train

Travel Tex yarns are optimized for seat covers in buses, trains and ships. The outstanding seating comfort impresses with its pleasant feel, thermoregulation and good moisture management. The requirements such as abrasion resistance, flame retardancy, light fastness and flame retardancy can be achieved with these yarns.


EVO buses, Mercedes, MAN, Volvo, Setra
SBB (Swiss Federal Railways), ÖBB (Austrian Federal Railways), SNCF (French Railways), Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe
and various other transportation companies



Travel Tex is perfectly tailored to the automotive sector. The worsted yarns meet the requirements for hot light fastness and abrasion resistance.

Mercedes, Volvo, BMW, Skoda etc..


In the Rinspeed project cars we show the variety of possible uses of Schoeller yarns in the automotive real estate sector.





Whether carpets, upholstery, curtains or acoustic elements, Schoeller yarns are at home everywhere.





A wide range of functional yarns for practically all common applications and performance levels. Sustainable and solution-oriented. And when things get special, we are happy to develop innovative individual solutions.





Areas of application

Sustainable functional clothing

Sustainability meets function - this is a key issue, especially in sports and outdoor applications. It can be perfectly covered with Schoeller yarns and the sustainability toolbox.

Seamless yarns

Yarns specially developed for seamless technology. They are also a bestseller in merino or other functional blends. Different functional zones can be seamlessly combined.


Circular knitting yarns

Whether raw white or worsted dyed, the Schoeller program offers a wide range of classic and functional yarns for circular knitting.




Yarns that can do almost anything and are very forgiving. Whether, for example, temperature balancing, insulating, moisture management, flame retardant, abrasion resistant or odor repellent, there is a solution for every desired function.


Wellbeing & Yoga

Yarns that focus on well-being and mindfulness. With sustainable and  soft feel-good yarns, this segment can be perfectly served for yoga applications, for example.


Intelligent yarns for intelligent fabrics

With our Technical Yarns division, we are one of the global market leaders in a highly specialized segment. Our high-tech yarns are used successfully all over the world and our global sales network enables us to supply our customers quickly and flexibly.

Using the latest production technology, we carry out all stages of the worsted yarn spinning process in-house - from the fiber to the finished yarn.

We set high standards in our quality requirements: The entire production process is carried out in accordance with DIN ISO 9001.






Areas of application

Fire and heat protection

The Kevlar stretch-broken yarn is 5x stronger than steel and particularly resistant to heat and cuts. Kevlar® is even 5 times lighter than steel and 5 times lighter in weight. The high-performance fibers are torn to a staple length of 90 mm and spun very finely (up to Nm 120) using the classic worsted yarn process.

Cut and abrasion protection

Heat, sharp blades, electroscopes: our intelligent yarns are designed to defy these dangers. This is how we ensure a high level of occupational health and safety in the following areas

  • Industry
  • aviation
  • Safety and security
  • public authorities


Radiated emissions in check

High electromagnetic shielding with simultaneous conductivity.

Areas of application:

  • Antistatic clothing for explosive areas, electrical industry, etc.
  • Clothing and textiles for radiation shielding
  • Curtains, wall coverings, canopies
  • Conveyor belts
  • Filtration



Nature and technology

The multifunctional fiber wool and technical fibers are an unbeatable combination. The result is highly functional textiles that are extremely comfortable to wear.



hosiery yarns

Sock yarns and programs for a variety of functional requirements
and fashionable occasions. A functional highlight: the Polycolon
stock program.






Areas of application


When performance is required: many functional fiber types in perfectly coordinated blends and colors.


Woman's tights

Fine yarns that are both fashionable and abrasion-resistant.






When classic and style are required, the Lord programs are the perfect choice.





Robust - suitable for different temperatures, odor-inhibiting and temperature-regulating.



Traditional costumes

The focus is on maintaining tradition. From classic basic yarn to nubby hosiery yarn, many requirements are covered.



Weaving yarns

Fine wool blends in dyed and raw white. Ring yarns, compact and siro qualities for high-quality woven fabrics.






Areas of application

Pure Merino


pure merino crepe


pure merino stretch


Merino Polyester stretch








Finishes and additional benefits for a wide range of yarns and applications.

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