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As a global supplier of yarns specialising in worsted yarn, we offer a
a wide range of products and guarantee safety,
innovation and satisfaction.

Sustainability is important to us

In order to work in a credibly sustainable manner, our products can be obtained with a variety of certifications. This ensures sustainable processing, from the fiber to the dyed yarn.


Yarns are our world


Flat knit

At the heart of our flat knit collection are merino wool qualities with a wide stock range and a multitude of possible applications. However, blends with hemp, Tencel, bamboo or degradable polyamide also complete our portfolio.


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Performance yarns

Natural, sustainable and highly functional yarns for the sports sector. Here you will find yarns with very different properties and areas of application. From yarns for extreme conditions to soft yoga qualities.


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Technical yarns

Yarns for the most diverse technical requirements, from antistatic, abrasion-resistant, shear-resistant to fire-resistant qualities, are developed here in customized qualities.


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Mobility & Home textiles

Whether for bus, train, airplane or car seat covers, we have the right yarn that meets the different requirements, but is always high-strength and hard-wearing.

Hosiery yarns

Socks for every occasion.



Weaving yarns

Fine wool blends for high-quality woven fabrics.



Filo Milano

Visit our booth to discover our latest sustainable product solutions:

  1. Sustainno - clothes turns back to soil
    degradable Polyester(Ciclo)/Wool yarn for eco-friendly clothing.
  2. Polycolon biobased – performance yarns made of waste
    sustainable yarns made from recycled materials with the highest performance.

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